760 San Antonio Road - Suite 200 - Palo Alto, CA 94303

Phone: 650.493.4343 - Fax: 650.493.4346

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Driving Directions

Exit 101 at San Antonio Rd.

If you are coming from San Francisco it is a right turn.

If you are coming from San Jose it is a left turn back across the freeway overpass.

Heading down San Antonio Rd. the 1st intersection you cross is Charleston Rd.

The 2nd intersection is Leghorn Rd. At this intersection you will see an OIL CHANGERS to your left, followed by a Hengehold Truck Rentals. Next is a large beige building called the Bach Building where we are located.

CONTINUE down San Antonio Rd. to the next intersection; which is Middlefield Rd.

Make a U-turn at this intersection. Make a right turn into the driveway just past the sign that says Smog Check. Parking stalls will be to your right. The Side entrance of the Bach Bldg. will be to your left.

Look for a Blue awning for entry into Suite 200